Ensure your products conform to the latest digital bus standards with BitifEye’s digital test solutions

Interface standards exist to guarantee reliable connectivity between computers, peripherals, consumer devices, and lifestyle products. From PCI Express for the interconnection of PC modules, to DisplayPort for visual displays, HDMI for consumer products, and MIPI for mobile devices, the range of digital bus standards is large and growing.

Whether you produce tablet PCs, smartphones, laptops, hard disks, memory sticks, HDTV sets, game controllers, or cables, you need to ensure that they conform to the relevant standards. An effective conformance test regime demands more than standard instrumentation. It requires easy-to-use validation software, switching systems and test accessories to connect to the device under test (DUT).










This is where BitifEye’s expertise lies. BitifEye understands digital bus standards and can provide conformance test products for PCI Express®, Serial ATA, USB, HDMI®, MHL, DisplayPort, MIPI®, SD UHS, Thunderbolt, and more.