Engineering Services

BitifEye and Eurofins are approved as a joined MIPI Independent Test Lab. Through this collaboration products can be tested for conformance on M-PHY, UFS (based on the UniPro test mode), C-PHY, D-PHY, CSI or DSI. Successfully passed products can be uploaded at the MIPI Product Registry Submission site.

Engineering Services

Consulting Services

BitifEye offers professional technical consulting services to advice you with the challenges that arise with high speed digital technologies. For that, we have a team of experts that will help you to conform to the norm.

Test Services

BitifEye customers are ranging from industrial applications, over automotive and entertainment manufacturers to the mobile and semiconductor industry. Our experts participate in international meetings, congresses, conventions, workshops and plug fests; collecting experience and knowledge that we apply to our products and services.


Our transfer of knowledge goes beyond consulting services. If you are looking for learning about high speed digital in an educational level, take a look to our training offer.

To learn how BitifEye’s products can help you prove your conformance to the latest digital bus standards, contact us at:...