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Where can I download VF?


I have not yet bought VF. Can I evaluate it first?


I have bought VF. How can I get my license activated?


Can I have a floating license?


Can I move the license to another computer?


Can I extend my license to other standards?


Which software options do I need, in order to test a certain standard?


Can I test serveral standards with the same PC?


What is PCIe LTS?/Why do we still need it if ValiFrame can control LTSSM?


How do I connect to the BIT-2100?


Can I use the BIT-2100 for custom applications?

How do I connect the BIT-21000 from a Keysight Oscilloscope Application?


What are the electrical characteristics of the BIT-2100?


What does “unterminated” and “terminated” mean?


Where can I find more information about the BIT-2100?


Can I use the BIT-3000 DSGA for custom applications?



What is the maximum data rate of the BIT-3000?


Where can I find more information about the BIT-3000?



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