Our latest N5991 Valiframe Receiver Test releases: PCIe GEN 5__USB4__USB 3.2__DP2.0__ MIPI C-PHY 2.0



Hardware Manuals and Firmware

BIT-3000BIT-2100ABIT-2100BOpen Source

BIT-2100A Firmware v.3.4.2-1.20 (2016-10-26) changelog

BIT-2100A User Manual (2016-04-13)

Note that these are not compatible with the BIT-2100B.


BIT-2100B Firmware Update v2.00 (2019-01-28) changelog

BIT-2100B System Upgrade v2.00 (2019-01-28) changelog

BIT-2100B User Manual (2019-01-28)

BIT-2100B User Datasheet (2019-01-28)

BIT-2100B USB Driver (2019-01-28)

Note that these are not compatible with the BIT-2100

Open Source License Page

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