BitifEye provides training focussed on physical layer and protocol test solutions for the conformance test and characterization of established and emerging digital high speed busses. Training sessions can last from 1-3 days depending on your needs for individuals to groups up to six. Training only apply to the standards BitifEye supports with it´s Test Automation Software N5990A / ValiFrame. For further information please see below logos at the bottom of the page. Training is held per your individual demand and will not be mixed with other groups. BitifEye needs 2-4 weeks to prepare the training for your needs and will provide you with the documentation afterwards. Training can be also held also as online trainings, but will then exclude lab sessions. For futher information please contact us.


Reaching out for new markets, higher speed levels or integration of a new applications often means complying to a new standard. These trainings focus on your individual needs and will explain you the standard if needed from scratch. We focus on the possibilities and challenges you are faced with establishing a new PHY layer standard and combine the theoretical training with the possibility to work on our instruments and software.


Manual testing can be error prone and may take a long time. This training focuses on the right test set up for your DUT (Device Under Test) and which options are available for you to speed up testing. This module is recommended for both debugging and (pre-)certification test set ups.


Setting the calibration right before testing is key for successful debugging, development and certification tests. All the standards vary in their calibration requirements, but have in common that the calibration is usually very complex. Sometimes it exceeds the possibility to do a manual calibration of the test system. This module focusses on the different options starting with manual calibration leading the way to automate it with our test automation software and the right set of associated accessories.


Error reading of the DUT is a key requriement for development work. We outline the different possibilities to do this and help you with the implementation of specific features in your device. This course helps to effectively design in an error counter to save time and resources.


Learn how to enlarge your test possibilites within the N5990A / ValiFrame. Explore different options of the expert modes, discover debug possibilties with our Link Training Suites or Frame Generators, or open up new opportunities by integration of its additional tools such as the Integrated BER Counter Interface or User Programming. This course is recommended if you are a new user or if you would like to go beyond strict CTS testing.


Get the most out of our pattern generator solutions! Real life testing works best if there is a realistic pattern send to the device. This module explains on how to use easily the N5990A / ValiFrame to create such patterns with your own codes and proceed with testing.

Why Choose Us?

  • >10 years of experience in digital high-speed computer, video, mobile and memory buses
  • Focus on physical layer (phy) test, Rx phy test market leader since a decade
  • Train with the experts behind the test automation software on the latest instruments

To learn how BitifEye’s products can help you prove your conformance to the latest digital bus standards, contact us at:...

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