An efficient test strategy is a proven competitive advantage. The N5990A / M8085A test automation software platform is a key element of winning strategies.
By combining the performance of your instruments with the convenience of your PC, N5990A / M8085A provides unprecedented test integration, high throughput and ease-of-use for a wide range of stimulus and response systems. It is this level of control that turns a collection of instruments into a generic test solution.

The N5990A / M8085A support a broad portfolio of Keysight instruments, such as the J-BERT serial bit error ratio tester M8020A, Arbitrary Waveform Generators M8190A / M8195A, The BIT-3000 DSGA and Infiniium oscilloscopes. It also allows efficient control of jitter sources or high-quality signal generators.
You can select the hardware performance you need to test your specific DUT, single or multi-lane. The software layers seamlessly complement the instrument software, providing a common, generic test environment.

The automation platform makes it simple to test multiple buses. The same user interface applies to buses as different as HDMI, PCI Express or MIPI M-PHY. This translates to significant productivity gains. More time is gained by the common HTML or Excel format for reporting results and common data structures for advanced data management using data bases.

The software architecture is based on C# code in the Microsoft .NET framework. In conjunction with on-the-fly amplitude and jitter control supported by many Keysight instruments, this ensures fast interaction, calibration and test execution for best throughput. As an example, for USB RX Test arbitrarily specified jitter tolerance curves can be measured in a fraction of the time needed with other solutions.


Example PCIe

ValiFrame / N5990A / M8085A Features and Benefits

  • High level of test automation
  • Broad technology coverage (computer, video and mobile buses)
  • far-reaching test coverage
    • Receiver Test, Channel Characterization and Cable Test
    • Common GUI for all applications
    • Fast calibration and test execution
    • Single and multi-lane devices
  • One-button compliance tests
  • Expert mode for in-depth characterization
  • Results in HTML or MS Excel format
  • Open, modular, scalable solution


Frame Generators / Link Training Suites
The Link Training Suite offers an easy and quick set up of the loopback training sequences as well as the signal parameters. It is ideal for debugging and troubleshooting. The generated sequences can be imported in the test automation.
The Frame Generator allows conducting semi-automatic tests, e.g. for debugging. It supports calibrations provided by the M8085A software plug-in or N5990A and control of the receiver test hardware, including real-time parameter changes.

Example HDMI


Example Type-C, USB 3.1

BIT-2011-0450-0 & N5990-181
HDMI cable and connector tests can be conducted with a Keysight E5071C ENA with opt. TDR. The cable test automation software is available exclusivly from BitifEye. It provides fully automated testing of all lanes of a HDMI passive cable, using a remotely controlled BitifEye 2100 Series switch system. Active Optical Cable Tests are available as an add-on option to N5990A-151 for the M8195A.

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