Test Services

BitifEye lab with BERT for High Speed Signalling Compliance Test
  • Debugging

    With the help of our Frame Generators or Link Training Suites, we are able to help debug your DUT on the PHY Layer.                                                                  

  • Device Characterization

    Fine-tune the accuracy of your DUT. Know the boundaries of your DUT beyond the spec limits.

  • Margin Test

    Apart from qualifying your DUT with respect to a certain standard, our software can help reveal possible margins within your product.

  • Pre-Compliance Tests

    Make sure you can meet the standards to obtain a logo, before you apply for it.

lab work and test measurements

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Why Choose Us?

Over 18 years of experience
in digital high-speed computer, video, mobile and memory buses

Focus on physical layer (phy) tests,
RX phy test market leader for the past decade

Train with the experts
responsible for the test automation software on the latest instruments

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