Protocol Generators and Analyzers – The BIT-3000 Series

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This BIT-3000 Dynamic Sequencing Generator and Analyzer (short: DSGA) is designed as a complement to high-speed instruments such as AWGs or BERTs.

MIPI M-PHY and D-PHY source or receiver tests often require complex sequences that interleave high-speed (HS) and low-power (LP) data, which is complicated or even impossible to implement just with dedicated high-speed equipment. The DSGA fills this gap by generating the LP data while at the same time triggering on and recording the PWM-encoded response from the DUT. The primary application is to bring the DUT into test mode, and to read the frame counter and error counter from the DUT.

HDMI 2.1 eARC Testing can be easily conducted with the DSGA setup in combination with Keysight’s 81160 AWG.

The Test Automation software N5991 / ValiFrame enables fully automated control over the BIT-3000 DSGA. The user can use the Frame Generator software to decode data.

A modular design allows users to adapt the system to their specific needs.

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