Test Services

no lab service available until winter 2022



With the help of our FrameGenerators or Link Training Suites, we are able to help debug your DUT on the PHY Layer


Margin Test

Apart from qualifying your DUT towards a certain standard, our Software can help to give you visibility of possible marging within your product.


Device Characterization

Fine-tune the accuracy of your DUT

Know the boundaries of your DUT beyond the spec limitations


Pre-Compliance Tests

Make sure you can meet the standards to obtain a logo, before you apply for it.

Lab Equipment Overview

  • Keysight AWGs (M8195A, M81160A)
  • Keysight J-BERTS (M8040A, M8020A and N4903B)
  • Keysight ParBERT System (E4887A)
  • Keysight ENA with Option TDR for Cable Tests
  • various Keysight Oscilloscopes for transmitter / source tests
  • various protocol-enabling auxiliary instruments, e.g. QD 820, 882CA, 980, Simplay SL-403…

Why Choose Us?

  • >10 years of experience in digital high-speed computer, video, mobile and memory buses
  • Focus on physical layer (phy) test, Rx phy test market leader since a decade
  • Train with the experts behind the test automation software on the latest instruments

To learn how BitifEye’s products can help you prove your conformance to the latest digital bus standards, contact us at:...

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