DisplayPort 1.4 Bundle

× DP Ref. Source and Aux Channel Controller for Sink Test BIT-4051-8050-1

× DP 2.0 Ref. 4K Capable Controller Kit for PHY Test BIT-4051-8060-0

× GP 3-Way Resistive Divider, SMA(f), DC to 6GHz BIT-1005-1504-1

× GP Transition Time Converter, 60ps BIT-1001-0060-2

× GP Transition Time Converter, 100ps BIT-1001-0100-2

× GP Variable ISI Channel BIT-1004-0200-1

× GP Type-C / Alt Mode Test Adapter Kit BIT-1000-0003-0

× Enhanced DP Plug Adapter BIT-1050-0331-0

× Enhanced DP Receptacle Adapter BIT-1050-0333-0

× Enhanced Mini-DP Plug Adapter BIT-1050-0345-0

× Enhanced Mini-DP Receptacle Adapter BIT-1050-0346-0

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