HDMI 2.1 eARC Bundle

× eARC CTS Protocol Bundle BIT-4011-0870-0

- only necessary for TX Tests

× Remote Application Support, 1 Hour BIT-0001-0000-0

× GP Cable, SMA(m), 1.00m, 5GHz BIT-1004-0007-0

× GP Matched SMA(m) Cable Pair, 1m BIT-1004-0003-0

- 4 pieces are necessary for RX Tests
- 2 pieces are necessary for TX Tests

× GP Common Mode Probing Board BIT-1006-0030-0

× eARC Probing Board BIT-1010-0500-0

- only necessary for TX Tests

× GP Precision SMA Female to BNC Male Adapter BIT-1005-0009-0

- only necessary for RX Tests

× HDMI Type A with HEAC Plug Adapter BIT-1010-0008-0

× HDMI 2.0 Type A Source Test Adapter Kit (TeVeAe) BIT-1010-0200-0

× HDMI 2.0 Type A with HEAC Plug TPA, 12" Cable BIT-1010-0225-1

× HDMI 2.1 Type A HEAC Plug w/6 inch Coaxial Cable w/Female SMA BIT-1010-0420-0

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