PCIe 5.0 RX Bundle

× GP Matched Cable Pair SMA(f)-SMP(f), 3.5mm(m), 1m BIT-1004-0027-0

× MMPX(m) to 2.4mm(m) Approx. 30cm MiniBend BIT-1004-0045-0

× MMPX(m) to 2.4mm(m) Approx. 85cm MiniBend BIT-1004-0046-0

× Removal Tool for GP Cable MiniBend, MMPX(m) BIT-1004-0035-0

× MMPX(f) to 1.85mm(m) Adapter BIT-1005-0036-0

× GP Cable Pair, SMP(f), 0.3m BIT-1004-0006-0

× GP 50Ohm 0.5Watts SMP F RF Load UP Adapter BIT-1005-0014-0

× GP Precision SMA Female to BNC Male Adapter BIT-1005-0009-0

× PCIe 5.0 Base RX Calibration Test Fixture Kit BIT-1020-1525-0

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